About Us

We at Creekside Physical Therapy want to give you the best care possible. Each therapist is highly qualified with a range of specialties to cover whatever ails you. Our appointments are an hour long to ensure that you get the time and attention you deserve and the treatment that is specifically tailored to your needs.

Our Mission

Creekside Physical Therapy is dedicated to meeting the ongoing wellness needs of our patients, always working to achieve superior outcomes by practicing the most up to date and individualized treatment techniques. Our staff works directly with patients to help improve strength, flexibility, and function to help them on the road to recovery. We focus on long-term success and management through education, training, and self-reliance.

Our Team

Brian Horak, PT, MPT, CSCS

Brian graduated from Andrews University in Dayton, OH with a Masters degree in Physical Therapy. He has worked in outpatient orthopedics and sports medicine since 2002 and has had extensive training and continuing education in orthotic development and fabrication. He also has developed expertise in the biomechanical evaluation of all sports activities such as running, golfing, pitching, and hitting for athletes from recreational to elite. Brian has a functional base treatment approach for injuries which involves finding the area of dysfunction and rectifying the cause through manual techniques and exercise to create proper movement patterns.

Scott Taylor, PT, DPT, cert. MDT

Scott graduated with his Bachelor's degree in exercise and sport science from Oregon State University before earning his doctorate in physical therapy from Pacific University. He furthered his education by earning his certification in Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment through the Mckenzie Institute, which is internationally recognized as a leader in treatment of the spine. Scott enjoys spending his spare time with his wife and two boys. He loves numerous activities including competitive triathlons. He is also an avid Beavers fan and football season ticket holder.

Julie Horowitz, PT

Julie has extensive experience in outpatient orthopedics and sports injury medicine. Graduating from the University of Washington with a bachelor in physical therapy and psychology, she worked in Boston and Seattle before relocating to Portland. She has a special interest in osteopathic manual therapy, especially of the spine and extremities. Julie focuses on her patients as a whole and has an eclectic approach to help them achieve function through education, home programs, and hands-on therapy. She incorporates treatments from numerous sources including core stabilization ball therapy, Pilates, and body rolling.


"Julie, just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful care and constant words of encouragement during a not-so-fun time in my life. I am so glad I made the decision to make the 40+ mile round trip journey to Tigard to see you- you were certainly worth it! Thanks again for your wonderful care!" -Michelle

"Brian, when I came to you for PT last June, I had little hope of improvement. I'd had foot pain off and on for 10 years and pretty severe for the 2 years leading up to June. And my feet are better! Yeah, Brian! You about killed me working out the knots the first few weeks, but it was more than worth it. Your skill, caring, and encouragement kept me coming and enough such huge improvement that I'm still almost 100% pain free.This year, when I list my blessings, you'll be on my list, right near the top!" - Nancy

"I worked with Scott for a few months on my knee. I had knee surgery in 2008 and still had no strength or the ability to run almost 2 years later. I had been to other physical therapists but wasn't progressing. Finally I ended up with the correct diagnosis in Feb. 2011 and started seeing Scott shortly thereafter. He was great! He knew what needed to be done, pushed me just hard enough to make progress without injury and helped me set goals for recovery. Before I came to see him, I wasn't sure I would ever be able to run again. Scott was always positive and hopeful for a full recovery and helped me believe in myself. A few months later I am running again and loving it! I highly recommend going here!"