Gait Analysis

What is a gait analysis?

Gait analysis is a method used to assess the way you walk or run to highlight biomechanical abnormalities. The appointment lasts about an hour and will include a complete lower body screen assessing foot, ankle, knee and hip biomechanics as well as a videotaped running or walking gait analysis. Following the analysis, your therapist will create an exercise program specific to your needs. We can also work with your physician to fit you for orthotics and/or prescribe a shoe type to properly fit your foot/body type.

Who would benefit from a gait analysis?
If you enjoy walking, running, or any sporting activity that requires you to be on your feet for any length of time, you will benefit from a gait analysis. No matter what your level of play, a gait evaluation will be useful in identifying specific problem areas and preventing future injuries. Pain in the back, hip, knee, or foot keeps many people from the level of activity they'd like to achieve. A gait analysis can identify the reason for these issues and help get you back to the activities you enjoy.

What do you get out of this analysis?
  • Recommendations on additional physician intervention
  • Appropriate footwear and/or the need for custom in-shoe orthotics
  • Training modifications and home pain management techniques
  • General injury prevention suggestions

What should I bring?
Please bring your walking or running shoes and a pair of shorts. You will only be required to run or walk for approximately 3-5 minutes.