Golf Swing Evaluation

What is the golf swing evaluation?

The golf evaluation involves a complete analysis of the golfer's range of motion, strength, flexibility and neuromuscular recruitment patterns as they pertain to his/her golf swing. We will work together with the coach or teaching professional to develop an exercise program that will get your body back into the proper position for an optimal swing. The teaching professional looks at the swing mechanics while our job is to focus on the musculoskeletal assessment. We work together to bring any golfer to his/her individual goal.

Components of the golf swing evaluation

  • Comprehensive musculoskeletal evaluation of
  • Upper body, spine and lower body
  • Assessment of functional range of motion, strength and flexibility
  • Assessment of neuromuscular recruitment patterns specific to golf (being able to appropriately turn muscles "on and off" when needed )
  • Develop a golf-specific program addressing the imbalances or deficits, including muscular and cardiovascular endurance (if required)
  • Collaborative training program between the golfer and their teaching professional or coach
  • Follow-up assessment for progression of program
  • Injury evaluation with appropriate medical recommendations/referrals

Who would benefit from a golf swing evaluation?
If you have been in any of the following situations, this program would be of great benefit:

  • Struggling with injuries, including low back, hip, knee, shoulder, or elbow pain
  • Struggling with inconsistent wood or iron play
  • Beginning to play golf and trying to prevent any injuries
  • Trying to get to the next level with his/her game
  • Interested in getting ready for next season during the off-season
  • Wanting to get to a point where the game is fun again