Our promise to you is that we will begin all clinical treatment sessions on time, and we will meet your personal time constraints for each individual session. Because we schedule our sessions with flexibility, we may extend treatment sessions, as necessary, in order to address those critical issues that require additional clinical intervention and additional time.


During your evaluation, your therapist will identify the injured area and the factors that led to your current condition. After determining the issue, your therapist will work with you to develop a plan made up of exercise, manual therapy, and modalities to bring you back to your functional goals. Visits following the evaluation consist of carrying out this plan, monitoring your improvement, and progressing your plan so that you stay challenged and focused throughout your treatment. Patients usually start out coming in once or twice a week allowing about an hour for each appointment then progressing to once per week or every other week as appropriate. To schedule an appointment, please call (503)245-5710. If you have a referral from your doctor, please bring it in for your first appointment.


Creekside PT is in-network for most insurances including Aetna, BC/BS, Cigna, Healthnet, HMA, Lifewise, Medicare, ODS, Pacificare, Pacific Source, Secure Horizon, Tricare, and UHC. We also accept workers comp and MVA claims. Kaiser and Providence are out-of-network, but please call our office so we can check your benefits as your out-of-network benefits may be the same as your in-network benefits. If you have Tricare or Healthnet, please schedule your evaluation about a week out to ensure we get authorization before your appointment.


"Julie, just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful care and constant words of encouragement during a not-so-fun time in my life. I am so glad I made the decision to make the 40+ mile round trip journey to Tigard to see you- you were certainly worth it! Thanks again for your wonderful care!" -Michelle

"Brian, when I came to you for PT last June, I had little hope of improvement. I'd had foot pain off and on for 10 years and pretty severe for the 2 years leading up to June. And my feet are better! Yeah, Brian! You about killed me working out the knots the first few weeks, but it was more than worth it. Your skill, caring, and encouragement kept me coming and enough such huge improvement that I'm still almost 100% pain free.This year, when I list my blessings, you'll be on my list, right near the top! " - Nancy

"I worked with Scott for a few months on my knee. I had knee surgery in 2008 and still had no strength or the ability to run almost 2 years later. I had been to other physical therapists but wasn't progressing. Finally I ended up with the correct diagnosis in Feb. 2011 and started seeing Scott shortly thereafter. He was great! He knew what needed to be done, pushed me just hard enough to make progress without injury and helped me set goals for recovery. Before I came to see him, I wasn't sure I would ever be able to run again. Scott was always positive and hopeful for a full recovery and helped me believe in myself. A few months later I am running again and loving it! I highly recommend going here!"