Welcome to Creekside Physical Therapy

Here at Creekside Physical Therapy, we believe that every person is unique and as such, every treatment is catered to the individual. Treatments are driven by the patient and the goals they want to achieve whether that includes competing in an Ironman triathlon or just getting out of bed in the morning without pain. We will customize your treatment plan utilizing our knowledge from a variety of manual techniques and exercises from world-renowned programs such as ASTYM, Maitland, McKenzie, Mulligan and many others. We will evaluate your progress at each session and advance your program by changing exercises and technique to keep you on the right path and maximize benefits. Each session, you will work with a licensed/certified therapist as well as an exercise specialist who will make sure your technique with all home exercises or activities are correct and appropriately challenging. Our aim is to not only meet but exceed your therapy goals!

Why Choose Us

Put our expertise to work for you today. At Creekside Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation we are committed to consistently meeting or exceeding your expectations by providing exceptional care to those in need. The therapists and staff at Creekside PT are caring and compassionate making what is important to you a priority in our treatment.

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Specialty Services

The therapists at Creekside can see patients for a wide variety of problems that include musculoskeletal disorders, exercise and sports related injuries. Some specific services are bike evaluations, gait/running evaluations, golf evaluations and orthotics.

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