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q. How long is a therapy session?

a. While many clinics these days are shortening their treatment sessions to 30 minutes Creekside PT believes that contact time is a key to successful outcomes- most of our sessions are 60 minutes in length; of course, we can work with time constraints if they exist.

q. What insurances do you accept?

a. We accept most major insurance plans and offer cash and multiple payment options (see insurance section for complete list).

q. How do you communicate with my doctor?

a. While progress notes are regularly faxed to referring providers, Creekside therapists often enjoy direct communication with surgeons, GPs and other health professionals.

q. What should I wear to a therapy session?

a. Patients should wear comfortable, loose clothing that allows the therapist access of injuries or areas of concern; shorts and tank tops are appropriate wear for knee/shoulder rehab, biomechanical assessments and bike evaluations.

q. What can I expect at a typical therapy session?

a. While this is highly dependent on the goals of the patient and doctor, most therapy sessions include a combination of manual work, physical modalities and specific directed exercise(s).

q. How many therapy visits will it take me to get better/How often should I come to therapy?

a. The number of therapy sessions is usually dependent on the diagnosis (what is physically wrong), the doctors' recommendations, your personal healing ability, and your schedule. Patients who are able to contribute to the therapeutic process often find themselves improving faster than planned!